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Off Site Engineering Solutions

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Off-Site Engineering Solutions

Undertaking the construction of a new medical facility, or a major renovation of an existing one whether private or government owned, is always associated with a significant financial investment. In addition, of course, a project of such scale requires detailed planning and coordination of a large number of subcontractors.

It is imperative therefore that such a project is managed as to minimize costs and the time to completion. Should the project involve major renovations, the planning is typically further complicated by the need to temporarily shut down or relocate existing medical services during the course of renovation works. Minimizing disruptions for both staff and patients becomes a major concern.
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Alternative Solution To Hospital Construction
The traditional approach to constructing a small hospital or a permanent hospital extension is of course to erect a concrete building. This is almost always a major project that takes a long duration, involving many subcontractors. It is also very costly.

By taking a container or cabin approach, its not only possible to reduce overall costs but the lead time can be dramatically reduced as well. The off site engineering modules from Johnson Medical can be built to accommodate any basic hospital services, from A&E, ICU to OT. Several units can be linked together to form an entire department.

Benefits of using Johnson Medical Offsite Engineering Solutions to permanent hospital construction includes:
  • Configuration and layout fully customizable
  • All modules are fully pre-fabricated
  • Construction time can be greatly reduced
  • Minimal civil works involved
  • A single contractor (Johnson Medical) takes the full turnkey responsibility. All architectural, mechanical and electrical works included.
  • Guaranteed compatibility of all fixed medical equipment
  • Possible to relocate part or all of the modules, and reconstruct the same extension in a different location.
  • Simple warranty and service contract with a single vendor.
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